June Newsletter

June Newsletter

Wednesday 1st June 2022
Matt Bedford

New website is here !
The new mobile friendly website will be live in the next week or so. Keep an eye out for all the new staff features. You will be able to easily submit time sheets, send in holiday requests, confirm availability, confirm booked shifts and much more
Keep checking www.a1medicalgeneral.com

Come by the office and stock up on your PPE and covid tests

Q: What is the holiday notice period.
A: two weeks notice in required for any holiday request.
Q: what holiday entitlement do I have?
A: This changes each week and is dependent on hours worked. So please contact the office an we will confirm any holidays hours and amount accumulated .

Holidays if you work on a contracted on going basis
Please keep in mind the holiday diary at your establishment and check over this before submitting requests .

A1 Medical & General Ltd are looking for an experienced and dedicated healthcare assistant to work in a Supported Living Scheme in Barnsley.
You will need to be a driver and be confident enough to drive an automatic mobility vehicle. You will be looking after two service users who both have different complex needs. You will be a part of a strong team who provide excellent 24 hour care. (New applicants, if you are successful) We will enrol you onto our Manual Handling & BLS course as well as our online trainings, unless you have sufficient evidence of having these qualifications. You will be subject to an induction period of two weeks
Previous experience in healthcare is essential.

"I would just like to say thank you to all my hard working staff members, for your constant support and care provided to all our service users. It's always appreciated. Thank you all ..."
-Matt Bedford